IS the student journal of the Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning at University of California at Berkeley.

IS an annual print and web publication intended to stimulate thought, discussion, visual exploration and substantive speculation about emerging landscape issues affecting contemporary praxis.

IS an examination of a critical theme arising from the tension between contemporary landscape architecture, ecology and pressing cultural issues.

IS intended as a discursive platform to explore concepts grounded in local issues with global relevance.

WILL be guided by the interests of our readers and collaborators. We operate on an open call with invited entries from academics, practitioners, students, designers, scientists, and activists.


The ingredients for founding Ground Up Journal coalesced in 2010: a cohort of motivated students observing a problematic gulf between scholarship and practice in landscape architectural discourse; the painful privatization of a public institution in response to an unprecedented crisis of funding; an employment landscape offering few opportunities in the shadow of the Great Recession; and the Occupy Movement sweeping through campus, signaling the revival of public space as a locus of political activism after years of apathy. 

Into this landscape of uncertainty, Berkeley graduate students of landscape architecture created Ground Up in both defiance and in anticipation of the potential of landscape as an agent of change. In time since the inaugural edition, people, politics and praxis has moved on. Across five editions, Ground Up has also evolved, but remains true to its roots, tackling themes in an expanded field of landscape architecture that are timely, without slavishly following the whims of intellectual fashion.  



Interested in submitting an article to the journal?

GROUND UP typically announces the new theme for the annual publication in September, with a deadline to submit work in early January. Our editors work with the authors throughout the spring, and we launch in May.

GROUND UP seeks printable media up to 2,500 words long with accompanying graphics. Shorter entries of 500-1,000 words are highly encouraged, as are design proposals, speculative or built. We welcome interdisciplinary research and analysis, novel forms of written and artistic expression, and student work of all kinds. In addition, video and audio submissions provide an important contribution to the journal’s online component.


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United States