***DEADLINE EXTENDED to JANUARY 18th at 11:59PM***

Ground Up, the journal of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley, seeks entries that address the idea of 'HOME.'


In 1972, the Blue Marble made it home. The first full-color image of the Earth taken from space landed on coffee tables and TV screens around the world — imprinting itself on humanity and permanently expanding our idea of home.

Nearly half a century later, ideas and images of home are as intimate as they are infinite. Home is a house. A body. A single point on a map. As Blue Marble suggests, home both contains and transcends place. It is ecological, ideological, political, cultural, and, at times, even fictional.

Home is deeply personal. It is a thought, a vision, a memory. It is as satisfying as the turn of a key, as comfortable as a familiar song, and as simple as a packed lunch. And yet, home also carries more weight. As nations calcify their borders; as urban centers sprawl into megalopolises; as islands disappear in sand grabs to make new land in wealthier nations; as species go extinct; as rising housing prices predominantly displace people of color, we are forced to ask: who has the right to home?  What has the right to home? On what grounds? And at what costs?

From the homeland to Homeland Security, send your stories, visions, and projections of HOME to our home: the third floor of Wurster Hall at University of California Berkeley, located on Ohlone land, in current-day California, on the Blue Marble itself.

About Ground Up

Ground Up is the student journal of the department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of California, Berkeley.

Submission Guidelines

For our 8th edition, we gather voices from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to landscape architecture, architecture, visual arts, literature, planning, and geography. We enthusiastically invite you to submit. Our past published content includes design proposals (built or unbuilt), interviews, interdisciplinary research, artistic expressions, professional projects, and student work of all kinds. We also welcome video and audio content for our digital platforms.

We are a student-run journal and have to streamline our publishing process accordingly. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all of the submissions we receive. We will contact you within one month from the submission deadline if we choose to publish your work. Regardless, we appreciate everyone who supports the journal and hope you will keep us in mind in for future issues.

Submission deadline extended to January 18, 2019 at 11:59PM.

Email your work to groundupjournal@gmail.com.   Include “Issue 08 Call for Submissions” in the subject line.