Menat Allah El Attma 

Girl in Traffic | December 17, 2018 Cairo, Egypt | A young girl with a wistful look upon her face peers her eyes out of a red micro-bus.

Daera Alley | July 29, 2018 Port Said, Egypt | A string-line of wet laundry displayed facing the street.

Apartment on Main Street | December 19, 2018 Alexandria, Egypt | An aged tall apartment building oddly draped by a green thin fabric.

A Dwelling Place | July 28, 2018 Port Fou’ad, Egypt | A still life painting of a flower bouquet resting against the wall and in between two arm chairs in the living room.

Red Satellite | December 17, 2018 Cairo, Egypt | A red satellite stands discernible on an aged apartment building in Downtown Cairo.

Cairo Commune | December 18, 2018 Cairo, Egypt | A burning orange cloth or garment hanging on a string-line by a window, one of many among dwellings beside Khan al-Khalili in Downtown Cairo.

Suez Streets | August 10, 2018 Suez, Egypt | An unoccupied quiet street.

A Girl in Bus | July 28, 2018 Port Said, Egypt | A young girl, irritated by the Summer heat, reaches out of the crowded white micro-bus for space.

Menat Allah El Attma emigrated from Egypt to the US in November 2005. She is a writer and self-taught visual artist studying English Literature at UC Berkeley.