Ours is a time of bleak reports: our shorelines flooded and receding, our lives globally connected yet increasingly divided, and our human rights worn thin. Consequence seems to precipitate from every action, and every action seems to answer an earlier consequence. But time and time again, we see opportunity arise from uncertainty. In a moment thickened by narratives of crisis, we are continually challenged to define, preserve, and expand the agency of landscape and our work within it.

GROUND UP Issue 07 will explore landscapes of consequence, the consequence of landscape, and the attendant responsibilities (or, ‘response-abilities’) of design discourse and practice. We ask:

What of Consequence? 
            Of What Consequence?
                            Consequences of What?

GROUND UP seeks voices from fields of landscape architecture, architecture, the arts, planning, geography, and beyond. Scholarly, poetic, or artistic, submissions may include, but are not limited to, design proposals (speculative or built), interviews, interdisciplinary research, artistic expression, and student work of all kinds. Written entries of up to 3,000 words with accompanying images are highly encouraged.

Have an audio, video, or GIF that addresses issues of ‘consequence?’ We welcome digital contributions for inclusion in our online content. Limit of 50 MB.

Submissions are due January 10, 2018 at 6PM Pacific Standard Time.

Email submissions to, and make sure to include “Issue 07 Call for Submissions” in the subject line.                        For more information, visit or email us at: