I find my home in…



..arcs/angles, ground/air, stillness/motion, solidity/porosity, stone/glass, wet/dry, day/night, one/many, red/yellow/green/blue.

What does your home look/feel/sound/smell like? What does your home look/feel/sound/smell like, if you are given a limited set of terms to describe it, and then someone else draws it? Do you describe your ideal or actual home? Material or psychic home? Or somewhere in between?

This project explores the authoring of an arbitrary yet thoughtful rule set that absorbs input from many people and produces an aesthetic interpretation of that input. The drawing is at once a singular mosaic generated by many, and a family of individual compositions all born of the same stock but manifest in varied combinations.

Of the 1,024 possible homes, 47 homes, 45 of which are unique, are represented in the drawing.